Surfcoast Hearing Tests
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Our Services

Full Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Including Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry,
Speech Discrimination.

  • Pensioners and Veterans
  • Private Clients
  • WorkCover Clients
  • Pre-employment, including Police applications
  • Industrial Screening follow ups
  • Children (12 months & over)
  • Otacoustic Emissions testing
  • Auditory Processing screening (using LISN-S)
  • Tinnitus Counselling

Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing Aid assessments
  • Hearing Aid fittings
  • Hearing Aid adjustments / reprogramming
  • Hearing Aid repairs (all makes and models)
  • Provision of consumables – tubing, domes, batteries etc
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Complimentary cleaning and maintenance checking of hearing aids

Industrial Workplace Hearing Screening (OHS):

Audiometric testing is required under OHS regulations and must be provided at least every two years and within three months of an employee starting work. We can conduct hearing screening on site in a suitably quiet room (a sound level meter is used to determine whether the room is suitable) or at our private hearing clinics.

Wax Management

Safe and effective removal of wax by our trained clinicians to assist with hearing, ear health and hearing aid performance


Custom earplugs - for swimming, noise, musicians

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